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Hamton International W.L.L is a trading and contracting company located at Barwa Commercial Avenue, Industrial Area in the beautiful capital city of Qatar. We are specialized in Civil Construction, Electrical, MV/LV, Low Current System, Plumbing HVAC, Steel Fabrications and Fire Fighting’s job. We proudly inform that a combination of well-known and experienced Chairman, Vice Chairman and Managing Director which are experts in their respective fields, is the key of our success.

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Chairman's Message

Dear Associates,

“Although it has been a very short time since Hamton was first established, it has become a first company of its kind.We have entered into major areas in MEP,Constructions and Trading, Instrumentation. As result; we have transformed our company into a group of well organized…

Ongoing Projects
Al Andalus School & Staff Complex Project @ Al Kheesa.
Client : Shk. Abdullah Bin Khalid Bin Hamad Al Thani
Location : Al Kheesa.
2B+G+M+2 Commercial Building.
Client : 2B+G+M+2 Commercial Building.
Location : Mathar Kadeem



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